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Karla Schabert

Karla Schabert was born in Munich in 1973, and after completing her apprenticeship she gained a BA in silversmithing and metalwork at Camberwell in London in 2001. She now works in Berlin, from the Galery for Contemporary Jewellery with Ruth Temur. Since 2002 her work has been shown at many important exhibitions in Germany, New York and England. She will participate in Origin 2008.>
There are two series in production. The "Crochet" series: is made out of 100% cotton thread, normally used for crocheting laces. Inside the crochetwork there are glassbeads to hold the form. The designs are classic, but feature the textile surface and the colours which normally are not connected to jewellery, the pieces look contemporary. (The jewellery from this series can be washed).
The "Stick" series: is made out of silver or gold (black is oxidised silver) combined with pearls or corals. This Series was the first to be intoduced to the public, the pieces are very romantic and delicate.

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"Antic" earrings
Stickseries "Classic" coral and silver earrings
"Special 1" earrings
"Olive Tears" earrings
"Brooch No 1"
"Compact 8/3" earrings