aura2008 presents
Tania Gallas

Tania Gallas lives and works in Berlin, having completed an apprenticeship and earned her degree in Pforzheim, the major centre for jewellery design in Germany. After years of intense and successful experimenting her work was recognized internationally and rewarded; for example with the "Innovation Award 2000“ at "Inhorgenta" in Munich.
She has been self-employed for many years and was employed as teacher at the National Art Academy in Hanau.
She regularly presents her work successfully at international fairs, in public collections and exhibitions.


"The especially granular surface structure offers a haptic experience and is an ideal condition for a transparent enamel inlay.
Colors, forms and material are in poetic, magical, fantastic harmony. The playful liveliness of the naturally grown flower cups becomes real through haptic deformation. The tender colors let the viewer step into a magical dreamy world."
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Ensemble of Gold with Citrines and Pearls
Ensemble of Silver with Pearls
Ensemble of Gold, Tourmaline, Coral and Pearls
"Blue Green" Ensemble
Silver , Gold & Enamel, with various stones
"Rose Pink" Ensemble
Silver with Enamel, Pearls, Coral and Tourmaline
"Lilac" Ensemble
Silver & Gold with Enamel, Pearls and Amethysts