aura2008 presents
Dorothea Brill

Dorothea Brill trained at Pforzheim, where she worked as an assistant until 2004 and, after receiving a scholarship from New York City, as an exchange student at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA.
She is a founding member of Juni; a group of young designers who regularly present exhibitions including Inhorgenta in Munich.
The emphasis of her work is on lightness, liveliness and play. Click here to see more details.

Address: Hufelandstr. 5
Tel: 0049 30 34769087

"The nature of playfulness is very much related to the artistic process,and that itself is again related to experimentation.
Expecting the unexpected and seeing possibility of discovering new things.The most important thing is its liveliness.
Lively through its openess, through its possibility to carry fantasy and to evoke associations".

"It is play that makes a human being whole", Schiller.


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"Meter-Wise" gold necklace
"Blooming" - 4 earrings reflecting the Spring
"Spiral Stick" necklace of wound wire cones
"Links and Lenses" necklace
"Roof Terrace with Sunshine" sewn steel rings
"Meter-Wise" necklace